Triplet states in a series of Pt containing ethynylenes

erstellt am: 06.07.2012 | von: frank | Kategorie(n):

By use of optical steady state and time resolved spectroscopy, we studied the evolution of the triplet excited state in a series of six ethynylenic polymers of the structure [-Pt(PBu3n)2 -C ≡ C-R-C ≡ C-]n where the spacer unit R is systematically varied to give optical gaps from 1.7–3.0 eV. The inclusion of platinum in the polymer backbone induces a strong spin-orbit coupling such that triplet state emission (phosphorescence) associated with the conjugated system can be detected. Throughout the series we find the S1-T1 (singlet-triplet) energy splitting to be independent of the spacer R, such that the T1 state is always 0.7±0.1?eV below the S1 state. With decreasing optical gap, the intensity and lifetime of the triplet state emission were seen to reduce in accordance with the energy gap law.

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