Triazine Based Bipolar Host Materials for Blue Phosphorescent OLEDs

erstellt am: 11.10.2013 | von: frank | Kategorie(n):

Two novel bipolar host materials BPTRZ and MBPTRZ were synthesized, in which the hole transporting carbazole is separated from the electron transporting triazine moiety by a fully aromatic, but nonconjugated meta-linked biphenyl unit. The additional twist at the biphenyl in MBPTRZ, which is achieved by methyl-substitution in 2- and 2 ′ -position of the biphenyl leads to a higher triplet energy of 2.81 eV compared to 2.70 eV for BPTRZ. Both materials possess high thermal stabilities and good glass forming properties. An organic light emitting diode with MBPTRZ as host for the blue phosphorescence emitter FIrpic shows a maximum luminance of 30600 cd/m 2 and a maximum external quantum e ffi ciency of 7.0%.

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