Role of Structural Order and Excess Energy on Ultrafast Free Charge Generation in Hybrid Polythiophene/Si Photvoltaics Probed in Real Time by Near-Infrared Broadband Transient Absorption

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Despite the central role of light absorption and the subsequent generation of free charge carriers in organic and hybrid organic-inorganic photovoltaics, the precise process of this initial photoconversion is still debated. We employ a novel broadband (UV-Vis-NIR) transient absorption spectroscopy setup to probe charge generation and recombination in the thin films of the recently suggested hybrid material combination poly(3-hexylthiophene)/silicon (P3HT/Si) with 40 fs time resolution. Our approach allows for monitoring the time evolution of the relevant transient species under various excitation intensities and excitation wavelengths. Both in regioregular (RR) and regiorandom (RRa) P3HT, we observe an instant (

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