Posttreatment of powder aerosol deposited oxide ceramic films by high power LED

erstellt am: 10.01.2022 | von: frank | Kategorie(n):

The powder aerosol deposition (PAD) method is becoming increasingly important as an energetically advantageous coating method compared to classic ceramic technologies. However, due to the process-related lattice deformation, ceramic coatings often exhibit reduced functional properties in the as-deposited state. A thermal posttreatment at temperatures well below the sintering temperature can significantly reduce the lattice deformation and the stress within the film to restore the functional film properties close to sintered bulk samples. In this work, the optothermal posttreatment of PAD films using three different high-power light emitting diodes (HP-LED) with different wavelengths within the visible light spectrum is investigated as an alternative to time-consuming furnace or energy-intensive laser processes on the example of thermoelectric CuFe0.98Sn0.02O2 films. We demonstrate that the space-saving LED-based posttreatment not only restores the film properties but also significantly reduces the required processing time to a few seconds.

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