Interplay of localized pyrene chromophores and π-conjugation in novel poly(2,7-pyrene) ladder polymers

erstellt am: 08.05.2017 | von: frank | Kategorie(n):

We present a detailed spectroscopic study, along with the synthesis, of conjugated, ladder-type 2,7-linked poly(pyrene)s. We observe a delocalization of the first singlet excited state along the polymer backbone, i.e., across the 2,7 linkage in the pyrene moiety, in contrast to earlier studies on conjugated 2,7-linked poly(pyrene)s without ladder structure. The electronic signature of the pyrene unit is, however, manifested in an increased lifetime and reduced oscillator strength as well as a modified vibronic progression in absorption of the singlet state compared to a ladder-type poly(para-phenylene) (MeLPPP). Furthermore, the reduced oscillator strength and increased lifetime slow down Förster-type energy transfer in films, where this transfer occurs to sites with increasing inter-chain coupling of H-type nature.

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