Electronic excitations in luminescent conjugated polymers

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We report progress in the processing and application of poly(phenylene vinylene), PPV, as the emissive layer in electroluminescent diodes, LEDs. Photoluminescence efficiencies above 60% for solid films of PPV are now achieved and single-layer EL diodes achieve luminous efficiencies above 2 Lumen W-1 and peak brightnesses up to 90 000 cd m-2. We discuss measurements of photoconductivity, photovoltaic response, photoluminescence excitation spectra and stimulated emission in films of PPV. We consider that the photoexcited state in these films of PPV is the intrachain singlet exciton. We demonstrate that PPV of this type can show stimulated emission in sub-picosecond pump-probe experiments and can be used as the active lasing medium when incorporated in suitable microcavity structures.

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