Efficient Charge Separation of Cold Charge-Transfer States in Organic Solar Cells Through Incoherent Hopping

erstellt am: 29.05.2017 | von: frank | Kategorie(n):

We demonstrate that efficient and nearly field-independent charge separation of electron–hole pairs in organic planar heterojunction solar cells can be described by an incoherent hopping mechanism. Using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations that include the effect of on-chain delocalization as well as entropic contributions, we simulate the dissociation of the charge-transfer state in polymer–fullerene bilayer solar cells. The model further explains experimental results of almost field independent charge separation in bilayers of molecular systems with fullerenes and provides important guidelines at the molecular level for maximizing the efficiencies of organic solar cells. Thus, utilizing coherent phenomena is not necessarily required for highly efficient charge separation in organic solar cells.

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