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Opto-electronic processes in organic semiconductors

The research group is lead by Professor Anna Köhler
Short biography (July 2020)
Curriculum Vitae (July 2020)
Publication List (May 2020) 

Our research is concerned with the optical and electronic processes that take place in organic semiconductors. In contrast to most inorganic semiconductors, organic materials can be processed easily, either by thermal evaporation or by from solution. This opens up new, highly promising manufacturing routes for the low-cost production of opto-electronic devices such as light-emitting displays (LEDs), solar cells and transistors.

In order to advance organic devices it is imperative to understand very clearly how excited states or charges are generated, and what determines their energy and extent, how they migrate through the semiconductor, and how they decay.

When addressing these issues we focus in particular on the relationship between electronic, chemical and morphological structure. We therefore use a range of time-resolved spectroscopic techniques in combination with electrical and structural studies.