Recent Advances and Perspectives on Powder‐Based Halide Perovskite Film Processing

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Halide perovskites have undergone an impressive development and could be used in a wide range of optoelectronic devices, where some of them are already at the edge of commercialization, e.g., perovskite solar cells. Recently, interest in perovskites in powder form has increased, as for example, they are found to exhibit high stability and allow for easy production of large quantities. Accordingly, also the topic of processing thin and thick films on the basis of perovskite powders is currently gaining momentum. Here, perovskite powder can form the basis for both, typical wet and solvent‐based processing approaches, as well as for dry processes. In this Progress Report, the recent developments of halide perovskites in powder form and of film processing approaches are summarized that are based on them. The advantages and opportunities of the different processing methods are highlighted, but their individual drawbacks and limitations are also discussed. Prospects are also pointed out and possible steps necessary to unlock the full potential of powder‐based processing methods for producing high quality thick and thin perovskite layers in the future are discussed.

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